The manager Xavier Ustrell leads the company Xtrell being a manager who accumulates experience and teamwork. He currently has a team of people who execute with precision the decisions of Client-Xtrell and demand literal compliance with the budget as the day of completion

Xavier Ustrell

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Xtrell currently works with digital platforms that streamline fluid communication in Construction and Refurbishment. Making it more effective, more accurate and time-saving.

TRANSPORT projects

Xtrell has a delivery team at a very interesting price. We carry out any type of transport and we adapt to it. We have fixed weekly deliveries and we make urgent deliveries.

RX Imaging Projects

Xtrell collaborates with a radiodiagnostic clinic and we take x-rays of objects measuring 0.50×0.50m with spectacular results for printing on paper, T-shirts, polo shirts, mousepads…
If you have an object that means a lot to you, we can know what it looks like inside and have a souvenir for life.
If you are creative, put us to the test and we are sure that we will produce unique and original images.

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