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Xtrell company specialized in realization of images to objects through the Rays, shows you how things are done inside, is the doctor of the objects, discovers that there is inside the objects, is diagnosis of the objects.

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Monday to Friday 10:00 – 17:00

A few years ago, a woman’s hip was accidentally X-rayed and the keys to her house, which had been left in her trousers, were shown. That was the beginning of more tests. Today we take x-rays of all the objects they ask for.


Creative Xtrell: send or tell us an object or objects that you want to know inside or use it as advertising, we will make some high quality x-rays. Creative Xtrell charges 450 € to perform the necessary tests to get the best radiological vision of the object. It includes testing and sending the images in high resolution. If you don’t like it, we won’t charge you anything! Testaaaa!!!!!!

Images Xtrell: Bank of images that for 150 € we send you the file with high resolution so you can make pictures, shirts, polo shirts, hats, bags, advertising company …

Pictures FOAM Feather Xtrell: Choose the image you like most Xtrell.net and we send you printed on a frame FOAM feather 30×40 in matte photographic paper finish without laminate for only 90 €. In case you want other sizes we do budget. The largest picture printed has been 2 meters by 1.5 meters … pasadaaaaa!!!!!

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Specialized in making images of objects through X-rays.


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Put us to the test and ask for an x-ray of everything you think you should have and know what it’s like inside.

You’ll hallucinate with what comes out and you won’t stop advertising!!!!

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